Try to leave with broken heart

When the magic is not anymore , Though we quite to try , It will remain that of the bitterness . And has to leave will need her to begin again ,And say to himself that it is a second lesson . ByMe HeartMary 😉


Si ton Ombre va plus vite que toi ,, ralenti et prend garde une course se gagne que lorsque tu connais tes concurrents. ByMe HeartMary


Good thing my heart has his people those who overflow Wisdom , Pride has to avoid as like the plague. But a lot of people feels so upper for the most part Have a brain in slow motion forget to That is asin of seven capital Impardonable by GOD . ByMe HeartMary


L’Amour est la plus belle des vertus, sans Amour on n’est rien même avec tous les biens terrestres et je ne parle pas d’amour envers sa famille de ses K de ses amis je parle là de l’Amour véritable malheureusement nombreux en sont dépourvus et c’est plutôt alarmant . la Sagesse est le reflet du Créateur sur du sable sur pied… ByMe HeartMary


Love with the closed eyes

Love of my tenderness

Love of my Soul Soul so sad and insipid

Love of my wave memory Lost Love Stolen Love Impenetrable Love Terrible Love Tasteless Love I think to you alone of the invaded bitterness my palace but I think of you!

ByMe HeartMary

I have for habit to put certain people on a base once top they proved me that the greatness and the respect were not made for them then that I felt dizzy. And I understood that the great spirits of Wisdom are never where one believe. ByMe HeartMary ❤️